Dog Horse City consists in a group of volunteers and collaborators that each of them and, in a different way, makes all this that is turned into animals works. They are people who, with a lot of dedication, will and effort, make every day, each of the animals that are here or that have to come, have a different opportunity to have a dignified life as each deserves.


Our adoptions program starts with an adoption survey that you can download from the "Gallery" page and, as you send it to us, it will be followed up. You can see all our dogs in the gallery.


We also have facilities for the canine residence, or if you go on holidays, here they will be surrounded by friends and will not stop playing from dawn until dusk.


In our center we have a part dedicated to Rehabilitation and Dog Psychology, where we value the state of the animal and depending on the level of energy which he brings, let us be decide the necessary treatments