You can donate us from money, bags of feed, to toys and blankets

The economic situation of Doghorsecity is becoming more unsustainable every day.

Every day we receive notices and every day we find abandoned dogs. On more than 50% of occasions, the animal arrives in deplorable conditions and requires veterinary attention. Surgeries and other treatments are not free and we do not receive any kind of subsidy, so with a lot of effort and a few donations we receive we managed to care for and feed more than340 dogs, which are the ones we have right now in our facilities.

We also receive innumerable requests for help from individuals who found a dog and can not take over. In these cases and with all the pain of our hearts, we can not offer more help than the spread in our page Dogcity Adoptions. It is impossible to collect all the animals you find, we have no means to keep them and if they arrive injured or sick is an expense that, if you have 2 and you can not afford it, imagine us with more than 300.

We owe more than € 7000 to our vet and we see no way to pay for it.

Now, if you have come reading here, you will ask yourself, and what do you want me to do?

You can do a lot and we'll make it easy for you.

1- Become a partner and help us with a fixed monthly amount, whatever you want or can. You only have to request it with the contact form.


2- Make an eventual donation, when it suits you, directly in our account

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Or by Paypal:


3- Buy our calendar, which you can see in the "events" section or in:


4- Come to the theater, you can see it in the "events" section or in:


5- Participate in our drawings, you can see it in the section "events" or in:


6-Make yourself teaming. It's only € 1 a month, you will not find out.


7- You are unemployed and do not have a penny, but you have all the time in the world. Come as a volunteer...going for a walk with dogs, cleaning, etc. Leave us your phone through private contact.




If you have 1 euro per month you can collaborate with our account in teaming, join our cause!


Become a partner and you will be the first to find out and participate in all our events and courses.


Contact us and come to participate in the work of walking, cleaning and playing with our  doggies.